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With over a decade of networking experience at the service provider level, OAW knows the importance of a reliable network. Even better, we have learned how to design and install high throughput, reliable networks  while staying within budgetary constraints. Let us tackle all of your networking needs, from design to deployment, from troubleshooting or just routine maintenance. OAW can provide you the scalable, fault-tolerant, and consistently available network necessary support today's business applications.


Our staff has extensive experience with Cisco, Netgear, Dell, Ubiquiti, Trango and Ceragon networking equipment. Our diverse team has worked for and consulted with several Fortune 500 Corporations. Our professionals hold certificates from MIT, DePaul and IIT.


Whether it’s in building or outdoors, wired or wireless we can tackle any networking need.  From a single office, to a campus, across the hall or across the country, we have what it takes to deliver end to end solutions that work. We have the ability to identify the requirements, prepare the design, estimate costs and manage the installation process. Our core competencies include:


- Structured Cabling, Intra Building and Campus

- Bridges, Switches and Routing

- Wireless Links

- Carrier Based Connectivity

- Virtual Private Networks

- Cloud Services

- Voice Over IP

- PBX Systems

- Server and Desktop Deployment


We have the experience to design and install complex, standards based, best of breed solutions that include wireless and wired ethernet networking products that meet or exceed industry best practices. When you want the quality of seasoned experts but the friendly service of a local shop, Open Air Wireless is your solution.


Contact us today to meet our team and see how we can help your business reach its potential; affordably.





With over 15 years of experience, we offer custom databases designed to help run and manage your business in the most productive way.  Whether you need a small module for a portion of your business, or something to help manage your entire company, we can help.  We offer solutions in a variety of formats – web, mobile/tablet, client-server, PC or Mac – whether your user base is 2 or 250.


Best of all, compared to shrink-wrap and full web development solutions, the FileMaker platform allows for cost-effective, rapid deployments.  With FileMaker we can build rich interfaces, reporting modules, robust data analytics, and a wide array of process tools that can make a huge difference for almost any business.


Our solutions are tailored to the way you and your team work, not to your industry or business function in general. We make it look and function in the best possible way for your company.  When the initial engagement ends, the system isn’t suddenly locked down. It’s completely open and adaptable, whether you choose to make changes on your own, or have us do them for you.


For prospective clients, we offer a Free consultation and system analysis to help determine what you need to make your database software work best for you.  Give us a call today and see how we can help streamline your business.




Open Air Wireless has relied on the stability, performance, and scalability of Cisco Systems, Inc. products to run our ever-growing network. Let us apply our experience with routers and switches from Cisco and other vendors to help you grow and maintain your business. Regardless if your business is comprised of two or five hundred employees, we can provide a full solution:


·Network expansion

·New network deployments

·Network audits

·Network troubleshooting and repairs

·Network maintenance

·Long-term service agreements


All requests for service are handled on an individual case basis and all work is accompanied with as-built documentation for work completed by or for OAW. Please inquire for more information, to request service, or for a request for proposal. OAW is accepting requests within 80 miles of Volo, IL. Requests outside of this radius may be accepted on an individual case basis.




Premiere website design and development service by Clearfeather Design Productions.

Top quality work with a low price tag.

You can contact Clearfeather to request a quote for your new website. They will provide optional design layouts based on your needs.

Don't settle for do-it-yourself companies which highly limit your website. Clearfeather offers CMS (Content Management System) to allow you to edit your custom website from anywhere! They also provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at a fraction of the cost of normal companies.


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Information coming soon, please check back later.



Information coming soon, please check back later.



Open Air Wireless and VoIP4Biz have partnered to provide a reliable, cost-effective IP Phone System. Best of all, you can get all of this with the flexibility needed in today’s business world.


Businesses have many options including utilizing current IP Phones, mixing and matching different IP Phones and purchasing IP equipment. Businesses can also take advantage of professional installation and training to help make this transition quick and worry-free*. VoIP4Biz Cloud PBX benefits include:


* No maintenance fees or software upgrades

* Built-in Redundancy

* Feature-rich

* Disaster Proof

* Remote Access

* Find-Me/Follow-Me

* Unlimited calling to U.S. & Canada

* Class 5 features including Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, etc.

* Unified Messaging

* Auto-Attendants

* Call Center features

* 24/7 Support

* No usage fees


*Professional installation and training available for an additional fee.